Consulting Services

We dive deep into our clients' businesses to find the perfect match between business needs and modern technologies. This approach allows us to accumulate a wealth of valuable knowledge in various fields, which we are happy to share to make your project a success.

Working together with our ecosystem of technology partners, Skyline Infinite Technologies delivers targeted application modernization that simplifies technology management and reduces costs.


We combine industry expertise, proprietary assessment tools, and gas pedals to rapidly transform and scale the impact on your business with the world's most flexible hybrid cloud model.

Collaborative innovation at scale

Deeply versed in all aspects of current and emerging technologies, our experts consult and work with you to ensure every application and service is deployed and managed where it makes the most sense. With our exclusive tools and assets, you can accelerate the transition of your IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud. We'll work with you to implement intelligence, automation, and integration into your cloud provider ecosystems.

Development services

As we are consulting only in areas that we are experts in, it follows that our team consists of professionals you are looking for. One of our main advantages here is synchronized work of our in-house developers, analysts and designers who were conducting the consultation.


Before releasing the product into production we always double and triple check the functionality and make sure all the requirements are met. Our goal is always the same: to make sure everything works the way it is supposed to.

End-to-End Services

Our years of experience with different solutions and platforms give us the insight you need to make informed IT decisions. We’ll manage your project from start to finish, and provide ongoing support long after the project is completed.

IT consulting process

Initial clarification

At this stage, we talk about your needs in general terms without going into detail. At this time, we clarify the preliminary stack of technologies, the scope of further consulting work, and the approximate budget of the project. This stage is free of charge.


A high-level, non-technical specification of the project. One of the complicated parts. We make a prototype of your project while discussing each feature with you and finding it in the right place within the entire application. Sometimes, a high-level specification of the project happens here.

User interface design

We create the final look of your application. Elements acquire colors, shapes, and their final arrangement. In addition to this, we make an interactive prototype. This helps you and investors get a clear idea of the final product/result.