Insurance Software Development Services

Improve the insurance sector's efficiency, profitability, and safety with innovative insurance software solutions.

How we can help you

  • Secure data storage and file sharing with cloud technology and blockchain.
  • Use a scalable cloud architecture and implement blockchain to secure transactions, prevent fraud, and reduce administrative costs through automated third-party data validation. We implement distributed Hyperledger, private IPFS, Node.js, LDAP, KeyVault, AWS, and Alibaba to support global security requirements and ensure secure file sharing.
  • CAT modeling optimization and real-time risk management.
  • We can help you implement mobile technologies based on artificial intelligence that enable real-time risk assessment, improve catastrophe modeling software and provide flexible pricing to reduce losses. Our data analytics team can provide advanced fraud analytics and automated risk management that benefits property and inland marine insurance companies.
  • Use data analytics to make smarter decisions.
  • The Skyline Infinite Technologies team helps carriers, brokers, MGAs, and MGUs unlock the potential of legacy data and use real-time analytics to make better financial decisions. We use advanced capital modeling and dynamic financial analysis for capital markets while improving performance and providing top-level security with VPC.
  • Modernizing the front and accelerating claims processing.