The Difference Between Generic Software Development and Custom Software Development

When you start a new business, one of the main tasks is to make it successful and in demand. The best way to do this is to create a website that can show everyone who wants your product or service. 

 On the other hand, thousands of software companies are offering to create a stunning website for your business, but the cost can sometimes be more than you can afford, and it takes a while to get the site up and running.

Before we start comparing the two different ways of building a website, let's explain what they mean.

Generic software development or using a website builder means that your future website will be created from a template of a previously unknown website somewhere on the web. This template has probably already been used many times by other companies, and, unfortunately, your website will not be unique. But you will get a new site for free or by paying a small price and using the functionality passed on for your business. Launching a new website with this approach will take one or more days.

Custom software development is done specifically for you and your business needs. The website will be designed to attract new customers and promote your reputation. A unique design will be created based on your unique needs, ideas, and preferences. 

Here we'll talk about the pros and cons of this approach and compare it to custom software development.

Low cost

This is the first advantage of generic software development and the main reason why so many businesses and specialist start-ups choose it. When you're just starting a business, you don't have a lot of money, and you try to save it in every way possible. Some website builders can provide free website templates.

Quickly launch a website

In fact, you can launch a new website immediately after purchasing it. This is very quick compared to custom development, which can take a month or more.

Easy to use

Managing a website is quite challenging if you are not a professional. But in the case of generic software, you will be able to collect it without any special knowledge.

If we talk about website builders, clients can find many themes for designing a new website. And it will be almost impossible to see something similar on the web. Website constructors offer only frameworks; customers provide the content for them.

Adaptive web design

You don't have to think about the adaptability of websites for different devices. Your website will be easily viewable on any smartphone or laptop.

We'll also list some cons, and some of them will outweigh the pros.


Commercial websites help businesses find new customers and promote services and products. But search engines "don't like" generic software, which is why your website will never be on the first pages. Usually, users will only look at the first few pages of a search list.

Typical design

We've already said that website builders offer many templates, but you have to understand - these are still templates, and someone is using the same framework. This is especially true of the free templates provided by website builders.

Problems with changing the design

To make your typical software product more unique, sometimes there is a possibility of changing the design, but you usually have to buy this possibility.

Now let's talk about custom software development: pros and cons.


Of course, there's the cost. Custom software products are more expensive.

Custom software product creation takes more time.

As for the pros:

  • The design, functions, and structure are developed to solve the customer's tasks. 
  • The code is written from scratch.
  • The design is a work in progress with no counterpart or copy on the web. It works for the company's reputation.
  • The original site is created with the necessary functions for the company, has a certain status, takes the client to the next level, and works on brand recognition.
  • The resource immediately takes further promotion into account. Its structure is built after gathering a semantic core based on key queries, so the help is adapted to SEO requirements.
  • Usability features are worked out to make it convenient for users to use the site.

Final Thoughts

The main advantages of generic software development are a quick start-up and low cost. But low cost is a relative concept. Without investment, such a site is useless. The free version of such a site will be suitable only for small personal blogs but not for business.

As you can see, generic software development has more drawbacks than benefits. Custom software development is the optimal approach to making your business profitable and planning for your future goals. This approach will help you improve and grow your business. 

Our team is always ready to help you create a professional website for your business.