Reasons Why You Should Choose Node.js

Every new startup faces the choice of which technology to use to grow its business. Depending on this, your startup will succeed or possibly fail. When our clients contact us, they always ask us for some advice before starting their journey. And our team is happy to help everyone make the right choice. We have years of experience in development and very often offer our clients development in Node.js.

And we have several reasons why we like Node.js so much and why you should too.

Fast Delivery

For startups, the position of fast product delivery to the user is a frequent requirement. It's a perfectly understandable action, and thanks to Node.js, it's easy to implement. If you need to get your app up and running as quickly as possible, this technology is the right choice.

First, high delivery comes from exchanging model code and checks between the client and the server, which is an excellent efficiency for the developer.

The second is that Node.js technology is ideal for delivering real-time or streaming experiences. This includes features like chats, APIs, high-load real-time systems, etc. Managing them in an event-driven JavaScript-based environment is easy. 

Another thing our team likes about working with Node.js is the connection between the back-end part and the front-end part. There's no inconsistency here, and if you're a developer yourself, we think you'll agree with us.

The above points will help you save time and get your startup up and running faster.

Ability to make changes faster

Startups can change some fundamental parts of their business model over time. Node.js allows businesses to stay agile thanks to the software architecture patterns that Node.js uses in development. For example, microservice architecture.

Easy Scalability

When building a new startup, the main goal is to make it scalable with business models and technology.

No, we're not saying that Node.js technology with JavaScript is more scalable than PHP or Python, for example. Our team also works with the PHP programming language, and we can compare it with Node.js. Of course, we can say that PHP is often more scalable, but Node.js has the advantage of simplicity. It is close to scalable, just "out of the box."


Selecting the right technology for your product can be challenging, and it depends on the core idea of the project and some future changes. But in our opinion, you should keep your startup lean and the best way to do that is to develop your project on Node.js technology.